Keeping my promise that this would be official "grumpy week"-today's gripe is pants!
I did my weekly outfit creation session yesterday, with the thought towards outfits that are "me" but still winter appropriate. The result: skirts, dresses and ponte pants (technically verboten in one of my offices).
Last year I actively tried to make my trousers more fun-by introducing more color and 1 pair of floral. And I admit they're warmer and I don't have to deal with fussy tights.

I gain weight-every single winter (then lose it in spring). Pants that fit well in October are a squeeze in February. Enter-vpl, muffin top, and camel toe.

Even at my non-winter weight, I have a 12 inch difference between hips and waist. Not to mention the round bum. Even curvy fit pants aren't quite right. Knit materials help, but pick up more pet hair than wovens.

I feel frumpy and overly casual compared to in skirts and dresses.

Lastly, visual clutter and an extra inch or more from pockets, buttons and zippers-at my hips, where I need it least. Even with a longer top, the bulk of it all shows through.

Anyone with me, or have solutions?

*Upcoming scheduled Grumpy Tiger rant: layers!