I will be worse than benched- I vote neither, in pandemic. That may be partly because the green is my least favorite shade of green- and I play with a lot of greens inside and out of home. Save and buy zingier sneakers, in- house or outside, as you will get lots more use. Even not being a shoe person.

Green. And get this sweater too, I got it and sooo happy with it.

Neither, seeing this two side by side gives them seriously preppie vibes, which I don’t associate with you...

Green!-) (and not just because it's my favourite colour:-) I find that fab green bags are hard to find, pink ones are a bit easier, hence my vote for green.

What a great bag and so affordable too.
This is a tough one, I am going with pink.

Both colors are so fabulous....if you must choose just one of these options, then my vote remains pink. A thought.....maybe you should hold out for a bag that is pink and green.....super preppy!

Thanks for the laughs and thoughts, ladies. We are still tied!

Unfrumped, actually, when you live in the city and have a doggie, you are out and about on foot many times a day and need to carry a bag with essentials. My bags get a workout, so rest assured that I remain practical to the core . It would be different if I drove, and did not live in the city, so I understood your thinking. Thanks for thinking of that!

UPDATE: I am going to order BOTH colours, and listen to my feelings when I mess around in my closet with them.

Perfect! Let us know what you finally decide.

Ooh, classic preppy Lily Pulitzer vibes from this combo. I loved pink and green together as a teen. Happy summer watermelon shades.

I vote green because I love that shade combined with white, navy, yellow and sour apple — all colors in your palette!

Angie I think that’sa great idea. Often colors online don’t show accurately, so I think seeing them in person will give you a true idea. Plus you can do an outfit lab!

Great idea! I was struggling but agree with Inge's comment. Enjoy experimenting! Xx

It’s a special birthday,you love bags ,they are reduced ,so get both.

When in doubt, order both!
Will be waiting to hear the outcome of the Bueno slides. Holding out hope they work as slides are such a hard to find item for low-volume feet!

Wise idea! Sometimes it's best to see them live to decide!

Good idea to order both. Green gets my vote.

I'm hopelessly late here but I see you are ordering both to try. Why not? I suspect it will come down to which one makes you happiest and which one brings a "pop" to your outfits in a way you can't easily replicate. Yay for a new bag!

my vote green! its a fabulous color and will work with your wardrobe so well! and I think its pretty hip~!

Yay, good idea to order both and play. I hope they arrive quickly so you can visualize and use while it is still summer

I didn’t vote because I couldn’t decide, but I love your solution!

My goodness, I missed the hottest competition around . Angie your solution is perfect.

I’m glad you are getting both. I couldn’t decide.

I haven’t had a chance to read whether the vote has been cast. I just want to say both. Why not?! It’s your birthday!