Ok... well you have a fuschia bag... and green is sooo preppy, my first love... so I vote green!

I polled my family, my daughter says green, my husband says pink and I say green (if you have to choose). My reasoning is that this colour is harder to come by, generally speaking. The pink is quite perfect though...

So I get having multiples in the same color, but your existing pink bag is very similar to this one, so I think you would split wears. And I agree with Tina that green is harder to come by - so I vote green!

I like Tina's reasoning here....the green is much less common and so that is my vote. OR BOTH. LOL

I'm laughing at all of you

SarahD8, I missed your question. YES. I tried the yellow J.Crew skirt. Super cute - but too short. Shorter in person. Blast. Needed more length for the width - at least to my eye. Back it went!

Roxanna, actually the pink bags are quite different. This is a structured leather shocking pink satchel, and I have a casual unstructured canvas fuchsia crossbody. I know it's hard to see in the pics, but one is much dressier than the other. Hope that makes sense.

Well, my prom dress was white eyelet tied at the waist with pink and green grosgrain ribbons so ...


Also ... did you ever get those Bueno slide sandals? Curious to hear if they are keepers!

Green. Works with old specs. More unexpected. Works with anything ‘nature’ based - green leaves, etc.

Laura, the slides are on the way! I'll keep you posted, my foot twin.

And we are still tied.......

Green!—because it symbolizes family, harmony, health, peace, nature—and we really need all those in today’s world. Besides green is magic with yellows, whites, and blues.

@Angie - you are right - canvas and unstructured *is* very different, for different occasions. Then I can’t decide! Maybe both, but if you want only one, then I would say green as it is more unusual, abs a hot pink bag is easier to find. Follow your heart

My vote is green (shocking, no?!) but I think it pops more than pink against your ink, sour brights, and white.

Plus, it’s green!!!

Or, you could order both, try them on and fall in love with both and be forced to keep them both! Win-win, and neither color ends up feeling bad!

I haven’t read nor tallied all of the guesses , but mine is green

Pink but both are lovely

My first reaction was Pink. I think it is a fabulous shade.
Once both was suggested.......
Maybe buy both, then decide pink, green or both? Having them in hand can make all the difference.

If I was buying it for myself I would definitely say pink, but for you I vote green!

Green! Seattle - Emerald city!

Oh, bummer about the skirt. Thanks for answering. I know what you mean about needing more length to balance width. Would have looked nice with either of the handbags — too bad!

Green! Like my Birkenstocks

Looking at the pictures, I think the bag will eventually bacome soft and unstructured due to its leather. I'd go for the green version, enjoy!