Found this HEWI at DSW when perseverating on finding some other shoes (to wear to an outdoor wedding in late June in the deep South--more on that later).

There is something about them that meets my "eyeball test" for high-vamped flat shoe so that I can wear them with skirts. In winter, tights + oxfords of various types has been working well, but the "lighter look" of nude hose (or bare legs) + pencil skirt + flats, other than ballet-type, has been hard for me to put together in a way that does not look like Frau StormTrooper. The huge thing also is the soft leather that is extremely comfortable and forgiving in the forefoot, yet the heel fits well.

Of course these will definitely go with ankle pants or scrunched straight pants, but I'm delighted i can wear them with a few skirt looks, too.

The color does not bookend for me, and is not true "nude", but is a color that is in many current wardrobe items, either solid or part of tweed or prints, so is a light summer neutral and better for me than white.

Hoping to enable someone else to try them.....