I have flat feet, low volume, and they want to roll over, which is duck-like and unappealing in a lot of flat shoes. These Soft 7 Ecco sneakers are really cute, and so functional. Let me count the ways.

1. They are designed to support your arch, and this is built into the shoe bed. There is a thin removable leather liner, but that isn't where the arch support comes from, it is structural. My feet are very happy, and there is no roll.

2. The laces are excellent, and different from other laces I've seen. They are fat, oval and have a sheen, and they grab when you move them. A small thing, but important. When you pull the laces tighter, they stay pulled, and that means the pressure is distributed. Tying the shoe at the top isn't creating the pressure that keeps the shoe laced, the actual laces are doing the work. This means the place where the tie is isn't bearing down on the top of your foot.

3. The leather toe cap is well designed. Where it seams with the rest of the shoe is where the shoe would crease naturally with wear. This tells me that these shoes will keep their new look, longer.

4. On, the shoe has a bit of delicacy about it, not unlike a traditional pointy-toe Ked. It doesn't look as clunky as a sneaker can sometimes look. I think part of this is the way it is cut to reveal the ankle.

These come in multiple colors, and the exact shoe, same name, also comes in a men's version. It occurs to me that women with wider feet might look at the men's line.

I bought these shoes with an upcoming vacation in mind, but it is clear to me that they will be my go-to weekend shoe, so I'm extra interested in how to style them so they look like a deliberate fashion move, not just a comfort choice.