Hi ladies,

I know I have been bemoaning BR's quality, cuts and styles as of late but I did take a chance and order this cashmere shawl and I must say, it is sumptuous. It was spun by the Scottish Mill Todd & Duncan and you can tell - it feels substantial, has great loft, and the detailed ribbing on the border is a nice touch. It is also a good size with a great drape. I've got it in my Finds below in the orange, but it's in a variety of colours.

In Canada I got it for $106 - a steal - but it's no longer on the website, so try in store. In the US it is still there in a variety of neutrals (navy, grey, olive, cream etc) as well as the orange I got it in, but it's around $112 US (which is about 40% more given our exchange right now, but still a good deal for this weight cashmere.)

Just wanted to share - a nice cozy addition to get us all through February