So I've been a little obsessed with finding the *right* graphic tees ever since I saw one of Angie's posts about wearing a graphic tee. I purchased one from jcrew last year and wore it quite a lot, I bought one of the "Home" tees that contribute to a good cause and also have worn it a lot. Then I started looking more, trying to find a few more that felt right for me. I don't like to wear a big message necessarily, I prefer a subtle graphic design or something that is not making a political or social statement per se. Some people feel comfortable wearing rock band tees, some like to wear "logo" type tees - I'm seeing all sorts of designs recently.

It feels like the graphic tee is everywhere I shop and I wonder if this will be just a trend or if it makes sense to invest in a few more (which I actually have recently). I mean I do wear t-shirts nearly every day in summer so it's justified in that regard. What may not be justified is relying too heavily on them for "style"

Here are a few I've seen and/or purchased recently.

What do you think of graphic tees for casual wear?