I like juxtaposed casual or going- out outfits with graphic tees or sweatshirts, but I find graphics hard because I have so many criteria for what should Not be on them, for me. The graphic or picture or word or phrase , if there is one, would have to be something that that really relates to me in some way or is fun ( but in a relatable way) or I would feel like a poser. Then add in color, fit and the fact that I only get up the energy to look a few places and well, it doesn’t happen.

I recently got the bug to try again , maybe stimulated by my tulle and metallic skirts and other things.

Here are some keepers and rejects:

First, Airplane Mode. I think Mainelady showed this and it was out of stock forever. Plus I told myself I should avoid black. Then I saw the gray version and for a sec the black flickered into stock but I didn’t look at sizes , just ordered the gray because thought gray better color me and the more subtle contrast graphic should be good, but it looked longer ( I thought I recalled it being a shorter boxy style) than I want for full skirts. Still I thought
I’d try it for jeans.
Well, the gray just did nothing for me. Color was not good, graphic was barely visible so sent it back. Kicked myself for not pursuing black.
After weeks, black came back into stock so I got it. It would be more versatile for me if shorter and boxier but I’m keeping. Will wear with jeans and tgat styling of pulling it down over a fuller skirt and maybe a couple of pencil skirts—not for work though.
Next is Off Duty. This graphic and colors are great for me and I had high hopes.
The sweatshirt is SO close, but IRL the shirt part is really puckered / gathered onto the band rather than appearing kind of straight as in the stock photo, and that aspect is just very unflattering in the size I need. Otherwise it is perfect, so sad. I kept it for awhile, in denial, and even considered having it altered with side vents or removing the band but eventually said, Next!

SO— the Off Duty tee. It runs big and has oversized sleeves which puts it in a different how- to- wear category. I sent the big sizes back and was done with it, but when sweatshirt didn’t work I tried an even smaller size, which looks better, but is shorter than a true T for me, so jury is still out as I need to do tryons with bottoms.
Finally—Stars tee. Not a tru “ graphic “ in the usual sense but fun for summer. The aft navy and off white are good for my coloring and go with my typical summer casual palette for shorts and pants of khakis, olives, , gray, denim and with linen and olive jackets.

I’ve been thinking it’d be easier to go to a tee shirt shop ( ones where you can bring your own garments) and have something made, than to wait for random planets to align !

So, that’s my graphic adventure so far! I would imagine graphics are all very individual- specific, as to what resonates, what is acceptable/ unacceptable. What’s your story?