I want to start with apologies for not being very active on the forum lately - going through very busy period both at work and in my personal life. But I desperately need your help. My DD is graduating primary school and ceremony will be in a month. All her girlfriends have already bought dresses and we haven’t even started looking. Problem is my daughter is not girly girl at all - she never wears a dress - and she doesn’t have a clue what kind of dress she wants. She would honestly rather not go to graduation than wear a dress but that’s not really an option. She likes grunge style - she wears lot of plaid shirts, oversized sweaters, ripped jeans, combat boots, chokers and has long messy hair. She is only 11 years old but tallest in her class - 164cm already. She has fully developed with all womanly curves, so children sizes don’t fit her well any more - they are cut too straight for her hourglass figure. But women clothes will be probably too big on her - she has small frame maybe size XS, jeans 24/25. I am completely at loss, don’t have any idea what to look for. Do you have any visuals of what would be appropriate dress for the occasion that is fancy enough but not too grown up looking? She would prefer jumpsuit but when she mentioned that to her friends they were all against it so she is not sure about it anymore. I am not in US so you probably can’t help me with exact dresses but just some ideas in which direction to go would be great help.