This time of year, when I'm the most stressed out, all the beautiful holiday apparel is in the shops, and I have the most cash flow to play with, I start getting what I think of as "grabby hands." More than in any other season, I have a hard time keeping myself from buying pretty things.

And to be honest, I'm not trying super-hard. I ordered a few new things that will go in the basics/essentials category of my wardrobe, and a couple that fall into the statements category, either because of price I'm doing the 5-piece wardrobe, so I only get 5 statements per season.

Chaturanga leggings - In black. I got the non high-rise version, but I couldn't get the find to work. My favorite leggings, because they're thick without being shiny, come in tall sizes, and have a hidden pocket in the waistband that holds my fitness tracker.

Long-sleeve faux wrap top - In ivory. I'm furthering my efforts to add some lighter colored basics to my closet.

Mary Jane slippers - I wear these around the house all the time, and also grabbed a pair to keep in my bag for no-shoes houses. One in cotton, one in velvet.

Cashmere belted sweater - Not sure yet if this will work (it hasn't arrived yet) but I was feeling a need for coziness. This is an example of one of my basics, upgraded to the five based on price.

Floral tunic
- My new favorite top. I've seriously worn it three times already. I think it might be polyester (label is unclear), which violates my purchasing rule, but it's so flowy, I haven't had any of my usual skin vs. synthetics issues.

Anyone else get grabby hands at a certain time of year? Thoughts on how my purchases might work out?