What a happy and vibrant collection of photos. That fuschia suit was such a show-stopper! I wonder what shade fuschia truly is! Hmmmm. No matter, you look radiant in all of its variations!

Wow, what fun to see so many pictures of you and fuchsia! Thanks for taking the time to post

Inspiring! ‘Pink’ is supposed to be the best color with my skin tone...but I’ve never really liked pink. You have shown so many stunning ways to wear this vibrant form of ‘pink’. I’ll have to reconsider and begin to look for some fuschia! Just gorgeous ideas here.

I remember that fuchsia suit - so fab! I am also a lover of


, darker pinks, and burgundy. I have quite a bit of it in my closet right now (especially summer wear) but I'm super excited about it being in retail this winter and I plan to stock up! Last night I went to see Les Miserables with my extended family and they noted that I was the only one not wearing black - I was in a bright pink dress. They had not problem picking me out of the crowds all night!

What a fab trip down your pink memory lane!Its Definitely a great colour on you even more so now that you have silver hair.I was brought up near Rodmell,archetypal English countryside,glad that you enjoyed it.

Love that suit especially! Fuschia is so good on you
Think I need to carry off Staysfit's dresses!

Suntiger, I know, right? Staysfit has some gorgeous dresses that would look spectacular on you, too!

Cardiff Girl -- who knew that you and Jane would both have Rodmell connections?!? Amazing!

AviaMariah -- yes! It certainly draws attention. So when you wear an outfit consisting of this colour you have to be aware of that.

Whidbeygirl -- thanks! It's easier for me to wear this more saturated version than to wear pastels.

Sara, Laura, Joyce, Janet, Angie, Christina -- thank you!

What an amazing roundup of fabness, Suz! I do always associate you with blue, so this has been enlightening. I love the striped shirt and scarf and you on the boat, as a gorgeous photo. Can't pick an outfit, there are so many great ones.

Such a fun and happy roundup , Suz Fuschia sure loves you back ! I can’t wear it at all , or don’t like to, but that’s ok with me - love it on those who wear it so well , like you !

Suz-great trip down memory lane; remember that stunning suit. You own all the “fuchsias”, however defined. Angie said what I was about to observe: fuchsia with silver is especially beautiful. A good time for the color to be widely available as you update your options.

You are killing me with all your fabulosity. Don’t normally gravitate to fuchsia as it’s a hard color for me to wear. But you are convincing me otherwise.

Awww, thanks all. You're very sweet.

The *best* fuchsia outfit was an Annagybe suggestion. She saw the ManRepeller wear a bright pink suit with a red plaid shirt (I think -- can't find the outfit any more.) Anyway -- I tried it and did snap a pic but can't locate it!! I loved that fun outfit!