Speaking of fuchsia...I've been crushing on this colour long before the (welcome to me) trend!

Here's a trip down memory lane. The earliest photos date from 2012 which is more or less when I joined YLF!

Sadly, I no longer have the fabulous 3 piece silk fuchsia suit. Bought at the thrift store for pennies, and wow did I have fun with it for a few years. It got a little snug, though, and I used up most of my occasions for wearing it, so I bid it a sad goodbye and let it go to a new friend.

Then there was the H&M knit shrunken jacket -- a total workhorse for less than $10. First picture taken in Beijing, fall 2012. Second one back in Kingston.

I still have this shocking pink rain jacket (5). Shocking pink is a bit warm for me, but I like it anyway for its energy. Banff 2012.

The suit came out for an awards event in 2013. I also wore it to a fancy work event that spring.

Later, in the summer, I wore this hot pink silk top in New York City. Catching the subway, I loved the way my platform mate and I BOTH rocked the colour block trend -- in the same colours, just opposite blocking!

Also in New York, hot pink bag.

Banff, 2014 -- a knit shirt. And the hot pink jacket. (9/10)

Cooler pink cashmere sweater -- I still have this one. Wearing it (or similar) in Israel in 2014.

#13 Sometimes you have to look for your fix in nature.

#14/15 -- a newer silk shell, in a cooler tone. Beijing, summer, 2015.

Later that summer, with my brother. We look happy in the pics but it was actually a sad trip. Our mother had died and we were visiting family.

#18 Trying a new sweater...

#19 Even my phone was hot pink...checking out the progress of my grey grow-out.

#20 -- some orchid or fuchsia in the skirt -- new hair.

#21 -- my mom's top -- fuchsia flowers.

#22 -- scarf with hot pink, summer, 2016.

#23 Fall, 2016 -- taking photo in London of a hot pink shoe in a window -- pop up store.

#24 In Rodmell, Virginia Woolf's garden.

#27 J Crew hot pink Rhodes jacket. Coming back into circulation this fall.

#31 - 34 Winter 2016 -- hot pink coat and lots of pink hats at demonstration.

#35/#36 -- in Iceland.

#37 -- a poor NAS experiment. LOVED the colour. Hated the sleeves and material. Oh well.

#38 Floral interlude.

#39 Infinity Mirrors exhibit (Yayoi Kusama) at Art Gallery of Ontario

#40 -- running low on fuchsia but trying pink on taupe/pink last fall...

#41 Roses in the UBC garden, June 2019.

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