For the first year in a long while, I'm finding all the burgundy things, and feel compelled to try them. But Angie wisely advises to take advantage of it when a color you love trends, so stock up, right? I already got the burgundy tall Born boots (replacing some old ones that no longer were comfortable), and they are turning out to be instant workhorses. But I have now succumbed further to the temptation of a color I love finally being available in abundance, and ordered a few things.

I figured it was unlikely everything would work for me, so the wallet should not be too heavily hit, but so far I already cut the tags off the lace-up shoulder tee and wore it the very next day after I received it. I love that it functions as a basic tee and layers easily, but has a distinctive edge and looks interesting without a topper.

I also really like those boots, which were an Angie pick. At first when I tried them on, I thought they would be too stiff, but a very brief wear around the house quickly disproved that. Yikes, do I need more boots? Probably not. But I love that really rich dark color, and the refined-rugged style. Can I justify these? Hmmm.

Not sure about the vest -- that hasn't arrived yet. Maybe it will look awful.

I also noticed the Hoxton undone hem black jeans turned up back on sale, so I pounced on those too. I like them a lot -- they're much more comfortable than my ancient black straight leg jeans, which are a bit heavy and stiff. They're a little short, perhaps? But with booties maybe that doesn't really matter so much.