I'm having a big debate with myself about adding one or more casual jackets to my wardrobe this fall. I love the structure and "third piece" interest a jacket adds to an outfit, and do wear them indoors even in my relaxed casual life. I also wear them as outdoor toppers in fall and spring. It can be hard to find petite sized jackets n general so I'm tempted to buy when the getting is good. On the other hand, during the Time Of Covid (to style my writing after MsMary), can I really justify it since I don't expect to be leaving the house much until next spring?

Anyway, while I'm overthinking the pros and cons in my head I thought I'd share some I've found in the last few weeks. My preferences are for neutral colors, fairly simple styling, NOT too edgy or big hardware, but of course there are other styles too. I particularly love WHBM for petite jackets. They always have a good selection of both more polished office-y styles and casual ones and the quality is great although I've never pulled the trigger on one.

Here is a sampling of what I'm seeing this fall.. The last one, the custom find, is from Antropologie. The first three are my top contenders right now.

Any enabling, either to buy or to wait, is most appreciated!