For Jessikams and those who were curious about underpinnings... my best solution for dealing with the various lumps and bumps is to ignore them.
I'm wearing it with slip shorts and a strapless bra, which is what I would do in real life. The strapless bra isn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but it's not so bad that it makes me squirmy while I wear it. The dress fabric is nicely substantial, so it does drape pretty well.

it is 100% viscose, but seems like pretty high-quality fabric. It's WEIGHTY with a really nice drape, much heavier than my other viscose dress, which does tend to shrink up each time I wash it (it releases again with a steam).

SarahD8, your question about how it feels was exactly the one on my mind. I have lace skirt that I thought I could dress down when I bought it, but it just feels too fragile when I wear it. I don't even know if it really is, but it feels that way. This does seem pretty sturdy and I think I would wear it, but I need to sit with it a bit.

Murph11, thanks for pointing that out! I would have missed that picture. I don't have a similar tee right now, but it's nice to see that it works pretty well for future reference.

rachylou, my son saw that photo and thought I looked like him...which I kind of did! I wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't pointed it out.

LaPed, ooh! I do have a tank and a sports bra with those elaborate crisscross-y back straps. I wouldn't have ever thought to try that, but you're right, it might be fun!

Joy, I like the idea of a sweatshirt over too! I'm going to have to play some more.

UmmLila, I wish I still had my mesh tops. I bet that looks great! I used to have a fishnet one, too, that would have been a lot of fun.

LisaP, this is why I have to be absolutely sure I can dress it down to a point where I would be willing to wear it out to a casual dinner, to a museum, or to an evening Disneyland date when those are things in my life again. It's so hard to conceive of, especially right now when we're battening down the hatches again and not even really doing outdoor activities, at least for the next few weeks.

Bijou, you know, you're right! I absolutely should dress up for wine on the patio!

Speaking of mesh tops, fishnet tops, and date nights, what I’d wear under the dress along those lines is a body stocking. Short or full length legs, sleeves or not, try it out. But I like the top UmLila showed and la Ped’s idea of a strappy bra too.

Man, Fashintern, body stockings give me flashbacks to very uncomfortable days in the 80s. They're a minefield for the long-torsoed!

Hahahaha. I was thinking of the ones that are nylon, but whatever rocks your boat—or doesn’t.

I love it Jenn. I think the solution is to just wear it - and you will look awesome doing so.

I like all the stylings, and with your climate a couple of cool weather options are all you need.

You make me feel like trying one too.....although I am more of a 70s gal at heart....

I vote for the leather jacket and slip dress combo!

Sal, you’re so right! I don’t need a million ways to wear...just a few satisfying ones.

Also wanted to add, in case it wasn’t obvious, that my 90s slip dress inspiration is more Courtney Love than Rachel Green.

Haha Jenn!!

Friends made me laugh in the 90s but I never thought of them as very stylish.....

Oh, I think it will do gorgeous for the "casual dinner, to a museum, or to an evening Disneyland date". I thought you worry for dressing it lower than that-but for what you said, it's brilliant, and love your stylings, all! Love the idea you got from Brooklyn-and Angie, too! A black mesh tee under will do the trick, too-I love mesh anything- so comfy!

Ahhh, an homage to the 90s. Love it!! My fave is #4 with the Maroon leather jacket.