I always run into this same problem— an occasion to dress up makes me want to wear heels, but it usually also means lots of walking or standing around at the end of an already-long day. OR lately it seems we get invited by friends to go out to a bar or club— but we’ll meet up at their house first and hang out with their toddlers before going out. How on earth to reconcile these conflicting dress codes and practicalities??

Right? Sadly my heels languish because of this. Someone needs to throw a fancy dinner party!

Take heels in a bag and change? I've done that quite often and enjoy carrying this cloth bag.

Where do you keep your walking shoes, Jenni? I mean, you take them into the performance hall?

Oh how fun!

So I don’t know about the SF opera house, but the temp in the Seattle one can vary a lot. I’ve stepped in before curtain up to a hall that was uncomfortably warm, then chilled down once the performance began. I’ve also been to performances where I was chilly and kept my coat on. I prefer to wear very easy to remove layers and make sure my lower layer isn’t too warm!

I hope you have a lot of fun. I love the idea of a chic pantsuit with statement shoes. And what a fantastic coat!

How fun to see Frankenstein. My family used to see the SF ballet Nutcracker every year. My sis sprang for box seats and took us and DD five or six years ago and it was as wonderful as I remember. I want to see the WIW. But if you can’t do fancy dress for the SF Ballet, where can you?

I have usually been comfortable inside the SF opera house; but I get colder than I used to... I’ll probably wear thermals under.

When I was little, my father and I would have a father-daughter day for the Nutcracker. The ballet and then lunch at a restaurant with lace curtains! French of course. It was dad after all, lol. In my teens I did the ballet season with my mum. Mum also did the symphony season, so I’d go for a few of those. Opera has always been me and friends. The ‘rents didn’t do opera, it’s interesting.

Although, my mum and I would go have a gawk at the opera opening to spy on, like, our family doctor guru. Lolol! One year his wife wore a vine of ivy... wrapped all around and I swear on top of her head!

...of course, we’d duck and hide and runaway so as not to be spotted... quite funny

Also, I have to say, Dad really liked classical but hated being in a dark theatre for hours. Never went to the movies.

On the other hand, Dad hated the dirt of camping but would always go camping, even if it meant going alone.

Dad was a contrarian!

If only it was summer!

I went to the SF Opera once back in the 70s. My best friend invited me to Aida. Her parents gave her very good tickets for her birthday. To this day she won’t let me forget I fell asleep. I don’t remember what I wore at all. I would think if you had a long puffer that you wouldn’t need long underwear.

Lol, JAileen. What? I thought everyone knew you pick the arias you want to wake up for and sleep thru the rest... provided the arias come before intermission, because that’s when you leave to go to dinner/the party...

I need thermals in summer...

Longjohns can go with the swan outfit

Just add webbed feet !

I appreciate seeing the throngs of formally dressed folks flowing into the opera / ballet / symphony buildings. Really the only place in SF you'll see that. So I think it's a good excuse to wear your heels, unless the weather interferes.

I was out near you in that hailstorm! Driving home on 24 from dance class in San Ramon. There was a three-car crash ahead of me -- no one knows how to drive in the rain so I guess hail is even worse.

Omg. Driving in that hail. Terrifying! And everyone speeds on 24...

Sorry only just back to this thread. Yes, I would take my walking shoes in their bag into wherever I was going.

Right. The best Frankenstein of all time