Zaeobi, no worries. You’ve summed up one of the reasons I prefer Autumn/Winter dressing to Spring/Summer - the earthy and darker colours are better for me and they feel right in cool weather. I agree jewel colours are a good compromise. Not the best colours for me, but not bad. Plus I enjoy them (not so keen on pastels). I like them for summer. I will wear an emerald green, sapphire blue or dark red in Spring/Summer. They feel fresher in the humidity than the earthy colours. My other trick is to wear pattern on bottom. That way I can introduce some contrast and lightness but still wear a good “face colour”.

Suz, thanks! I could do a Marilyn. Point me to the nearest subway grate.

And thanks birdie77!

Ha about Marilyn! Loved that scene- the 7-year Itch movie I think?
And you look gorgeous in your mustard and gold.
I have been thinking about you as your post the other week got us to finally find The Bridge and watch it. I had been keen to for ages.
Saga Noren is certainly a rather odd character-we are only 3 episodes in. She is quite cool though!
They seem to smoke a lot in Sweden and Denmark- much more than here, although it is set in 2011.

Thanks Jenni. Yes, it was The 7 Year Itch. I haven’t watched that movie for a long time but I fear it will have dated badly. But Marilyn still rocks.

Saga is amazing! Very smart and driven but lacking in social skills and empathy. I think it’s good to see a character with her issues (Aspergers maybe?) portrayed on the screen in such a sympathetic way. I love the way her relationship with her partner Martin develops. It’s a great show. Quite dark - but that’s Scandi noir for you. Enjoy!

This is NOT a light color, rather a fab rich one, and looks fab on you esp. with the skirt' s details peaking out from under in the same tone! Love this match and outfit is gorgeous!

Thanks Lyn. It’s light compared to my usual colours but I understand what you’re saying. It’s actually quite saturated isn’t it. Glad you like it

I love the mustard on you! I think mustard can almost act as a neutral - it goes with lots of colors. That skirt is gorgeous! I agree with Janet, you are the queen of skirt outfits (which is saying a lot because hers are pretty great also!)!

Love your style - this outfit is terrific and you've definitely made the mustard work for you.