My goals are few. I overshopped this year and I need to scale back. My goals are in line with this, as well as with the fact that I am in a good place with my style.

1. One exception is my home/lounge style. It needs an update as I have a lot of old, worn out pieces that don’t feel fab. I’m taking advantage of post-holiday sales to refresh this capsule. My bras and undies capsule also need d a refresh.

2. Shop less - one of my favorite pastimes is scavenger hunting. I’m really good at it. Shopping scratches that itch for me. I need to channel this info something else. I’ll always be browsing, since a cold turkey approach is not going to work with me. That said, I am happy with what I added this year, and I needed a lot of shoes since my needs changed there. So I won’t beat myself up for last shopping.

3. Figure out if I’ll be able to wear all my shoes as my injury heals. I have a lot in a holding zone now, some almost brand new. I know about sunk costs but I may try to sell those items on eBay just to feel better about them. But I should really just get rid of the shoes that have no support whatsoever, except for a few flats I can switch into at work.

4. I am still trying to figure out the casual style in my workplace with my need to wear dressier pieces sometimes. Sometimes I end up feeling under or over dressed. I need to figure this out with pieces I already have. Buying stuff won’t solve it. For instance, I really want a plaid wool blazer, but will I actually wear it enough, even if I dress it down with graphic tees? I think it will just create more problems than it would solve. On the other hand, it could be a classic item I pull out a few times a year. Sigh.

5. When I do shop, continue patronizing Boden. Such a winner for knits and dresses! And Born for boots since they have saved my life this winter. Quality is my watchword.

6. Otherwise, keep doing what I’m doing.

I’m not going to go into last year’s goals. I think I changed so much this year that my goals became obsolete, or I figured out some of them didn’t work as goals for me. (I think I realized I don’t like non-neutral pants and jeans, but I think that was a goal.) I ended up in a good place, anyway!