So I’ve been thinking about my fashion/style goals for this year and about what I’ve done & about I wanted to say about it for a while.
If you were on YLF in Jan you might remember that in the recap of my Jan challenge I mentioned that for my 60th birthday i was treated myself to a professional organizer to design and organize my closet. Well in reality I knew it was more than that. I need help weeding thru and culling. The last time I really did a clean up, 2018, it was interrupted by the synagogue shooting (less than 2 miles from my house) and I never got my groove back. Then the mess of 2020. And that made everything worse because I wasn’t having guests, so my clothes just took over the guest room, and the laundry room, and my closet and my bedroom. Let’s just say, it was a disorganized mess. I knew what I had but not where it was. I had tried and tried to do the work myself but it was 1 step forward and 2 back. I knew I needed help. So I found a professional organizer.

After she sorted, grouped and did a 1st pass assessment of the space I had and how it would lay out, she set the task of me eliminating 25% of what I owned. It sounds like a lot-it is/was a lot. And for me, honestly the only way I was able to do it was having help-non judgmental help.
 in hindsight I see how her approach worked , she focused me on the keeps. If it wasn’t an immediate keep or remove, it went into my homework pile, ie don’t dwell on it now, but come back to it in a couple of days. This way I didn’t get derailed and it was easier to identify the real keeps and tosses. And after both editing sessions she took the removes out, something that if I’m honest I would struggle with, and so when I edited on my own so much stuff ended up in a holding zone. having someone take my removes out of my house, not sure why but that made this process so much easier for me. (And as a note, most of the homework ended up in the remove pile) 

I ended up with a closet that’s set up to store all seasons (I live in a true 4 season climate) So for example all sweaters from linen to alpaca are housed together. I’m finding that it’s really helping to highlight the duplication and overlap. 
We also carved out space for sentimental pieces, things I’m not wearing will probably not wear again, but just couldn’t give up.

I’m going to include pictures, and note that for me the intention of this project was not to end up with a beautiful instagram worthy closet, it was to have a closet that allows me to see and access what I owned. and yes it’s still a lot. And yes I know that.

And if you’re still reading, thank you!

And that brings me to the where am I going. Well one of my commitments after this project was to practice 1 in, 1 out. And I’m trying. Really I am. But I’m also honest, it’s hard. I’ve been successful about 75% of the time. But at least now I’m actively thinking about it. On my to do list after labor day I need to actively go through my outerwear, relooking and evaluating my NAS purchases and what I already own.

As always all comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. And on a more practical level I’m looking to upgrade my hangers. So I’ve you’ve got any suggestions, especially for petite sized hangers please share.

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