My stylist put in some Modern Retro curls last week after I had my hair done. #1. Just for fun. I did errands and dog walking looking like that - but with sneakers. Why not!

The rest - #2 to #4 - is how I usually style my hair curled. I’m growing the shorter side out. Want a more symmetrical look, and I can put my hair behind my ear if I want to go asymmetrical.

What’s better than wearing one real chunky pearl necklace - wearing TWO. I only just caught onto that. Why am I so slow??? Loving it!

I just fetched my new pearl wedding ring. I designed it and chose Japanese pearls. I love dainty jewellery! It’s my fifth or sixth wedding ring. I stick to the same incredible huband, but like to change my ring...

I'm THRILLED with it.

And Sam sporting a black collar to match Greg, who wears colour when he’s wearing navy. Opposites attract!