Greetings Family,

Well as my staycation winds down I find myself packing away some of my beautiful clothing. Some things I cannot stand to look at because I cannot fit them. In the midst of packing I started to notice something. Besides buying multiples I buy and wear the same type of clothing until it is out of my system.

Angie did a wonderful post on pussy bow blouses last week. This brought about a memory of how a few years ago I was obsessed with purchasing and wearing them. I think at one point I had about 14 or 15. Each one beautiful and different. I wore them until I was burnt out. The same with backpack purses. I think with those I was looking for the perfect one for me. Until my reality set in and I decide this was impractical for my lifestyle. I got rid of them all. I love big crossbody and tote bags.

So I was shopping for my capsule wadrobe I'm almost finished I'm thinking about the harsh Chicago winters. I've found myself with my latest addiction/obsession. The mesh peplum top. Oh how I love them they make my heart go pitter patter as I see them in stores or thrifts. I find myself talking out loud. "Yes precious my precious" in my Golum voice from LOTR.

So I've purchased two more from this cheepy store called rainbow. I never try on clothing and unfortunately one does not fit. My favorite one the army green mesh one but the maroon one does. I'll be exchanging the green for a leopard print non mesh on tomorrow. In total with my two new purchases. I have 7 mesh tops 6 of them are peplum and I have 3 regular peplum tops. This obsession /addiction has been going strong for some time.

I want them in every color and style. They are beautiful to me. They define a waist if belted. Unbelted is just as lovely but still with structure. Some of the peplum are over the top big. Feeding into my maximum comfort zone. You can wear a pretty bra underneath if bold or a beautiful blouse patterned or singular in color. To me it is a very forward look.

So do you have an obsession/addiction?

Do you find yourself saying out loud or in your head? Precious my Precious Gives Us Precious

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