My beauty routine:

  • Clinique facial cleanser and Neutrogena moisturizer
  • concealer, BB cream, translucent powder
  • black mascara
  • dusty rose blush
  • dusty rose or pinky-red lippie
  • eyeliner and nude eyeshadow on occasion to dress things up
  • clear or nude nail polish
  • a touch of hair oil in the ends if my hair is really dry

My beauty collection - above, plus:

  • 6,000 additional lipsticks (most within 1 - 2 shades of each other)
  • 25 colorful nail polishes that I can't apply properly
  • 1,000,000 skin care products
  • 16 shampoos, shower gels, etc.

Why, why, why?? Heading up now to start sorting this mess out How do you keep your beauty collection at bay, what are your essentials, and what should I tuck away vs. toss (besides the old stuff, of course). What do you keep buying that you don't need? What have your learned you are just as well without?

Thanks ladies for your tips, inspiration and advice! xx