Winter is coming! The weather got colder here too and I've finally done my seasonal change. Inspired by a post from Runcarla, I am taking a picture of my wardrobe to better visualise what can be improved for each seasons.

Picture 1 was my spring wardrobe
Picture 2 was the warm weather wardrobe
Picture 3 is the autumn wardrobe

The current autumn pieces are

  • 1 black jumpsuit
  • 1 navy suit
  • 1 navy merino dress
  • 4 blouse (white, navy, lavender, black)
  • 4 jumpers (grey, navy, pink and cream)
  • 2 jeans (black and denim)
  • Plus my 4 beloved breton tops and a stripy blouse and white cotton jumper which I'll be keeping for the next couple weeks until it gets colder.
  • Outwear has been stored separately in the hallway, I added in the pictures to give an overall sense of the autumn pieces.
  • I finally learnt to keep some knitwear for indoor usage only, like the

    2 hanging cardigans (pink fleece cardi and grey cardi) and some old knits on the base of the wardrobe with some yoga leggings.

Overall, I am pleased that the dark pieces are being replaced with some light ones and I am very happy with the added rose pieces, it's been a great addition and I am loving wearing them!

My 2021 wish list has been a mixed success because what I initially planned for 2021 is no longer aligned with my lifestyle and plans for the future. I am still debating how to balance the classic and romantic side of my style and there is still lots of learning, with plenty of hit and miss. Next year, I may do a wish list on a quarterly basis so that I can better assess what needs to be done.

As usual, Jenn was a great inspiration as I decided to invest in some jewellery pieces which will add some variety and personality to my outfits. I recently bought those ginko earrings, very light and well made!
Mr Minu approved

For the last stretch of this year, I will look for a cream lace top, some knitwear and will carry on the search for a ceremony outfit for next year.

Just realised it's a super long post - sorry! thank you for reading it and if you have any suggestions or recommendations, I'd be very grateful for any guidance

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