For many years I have been loyal to Asics Gel Kayano sneakers - which I have used for everything from walking to running to gym workouts.

I have stopped running now, but walk more, gym more and have taken up pickleball and I am trying to swim more (and cycle).

At the moment I have the following sneakers

1) Asics Pickleball shoes - new and liking so far
2) Adidas Boost - using for circuits and walking
3) Asics Gel Kayano - different colour to find - using for circuits and walking
4) Merrells - using for trail walks and hikes

My Kayanos are not lasting as they used to - and giving me a callous on my inner heel. They are comfortable, but it might be time to look at a change. People seem to enjoy the Hoka sneakers - any reviews.

I will purchase in store from someone to get advice from too - my feet are normal width, I am a slight pronater but not extreme.

I would average 30km a week walking in them most weeks of the year on city pavements - if I went onto trails I would change to the Merrels.

Thanks in advance!