Hi friends; happy Thursday!

I am very committed to my classic, polished, casual style, which usually includes jeans, polished tops, and accessories. However, there are a few times a year when gear looks and feels just right. One is January (yep, all of it), and another is the time we're in now - this season when we've had a taste of warm weather, and but then it snaps chilly again. There is something about these times that triggers my body to slow down, my motivation to wane, and snacks to look extra appealing Gear seems to trigger the "enclothed cognition" effect, making me feel more like being active and energetic.

In the past, I've fought this instinct, fearing the slippery slope into sweats and nothing else. I've also tried to rationalize that I "should" feel just as inspired by my usual clothing - since there is no logical reason I can't be as busy and active in my jeans and sweaters as in leggings and t-shirts (after all, I am for most of the year).

This year though, I'm reserving my mental energies for more important worries (sheparding two teenagers through a pandemic is plenty thanks!) and just embracing this instinct, trusting full well that when the temps rise again, I'll be back in my usual outfits once again.

I have noticed that I still apply my classic, polished, casual instincts to my gear outfits, showing that our natural propensities will find a way forward! My 'gear rules' I instinctively follow are:

  • Keep it classic. Gear comes in all sorts of fun and crazy colours and prints, but I am extra-neutral with gear, sticking with black, gray and white almost exclusively (with the odd pop of color here and there)
  • Makeup on, earrings on, hair done. Lipstick and mascara are not optional in my world. Messy mom-buns are not ok for me when I'm already doing leggings and sweatshirt. Even my ponytails are intentional (I straighten my hair first so it looks a little longer and falls better).
  • Polished styling. I try to remain picky about fit, keep everything neat, and pay attention to detail like sleeve scrunches, etc. when appropriate. I like the look of a smarter jacket over gear (although the heavy puffer is still around - in MAY *sigh*)
Can you relate to these sorts of 'seasonal' (be in weather season or any other kind) style switches, and what do you do to stay true to your core style?

My outfits this week: leggings or joggers, t-shirt or sweatshirt, various layering pieces, which change depending on the time of day and thus temps outside. Puffer not shown because frankly it doesn't deserve it *side-eyes puffer*

(and a few new gear pieces in finds)

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