Hey all,

I've been mainly shopping my closet for the last couple of months, staying out of the stores (an exception will be in a separate WIW thread), and I'm quite happy with how my wardrobe is functioning, even though we've had some unusually cold weather here and my style takes a bit of a dive in extreme temps.

But in my layering efforts, I've discovered something I am lacking. I could use a couple of nice long-sleeve layering tees in deep jewel tone solid colors. I have black and grey well represented, and white as well, but I culled some old tees a year or so ago and have never replaced them. Here's what I'd like:

- fluid fit with a soft, drapey, not TOO heavy weight
- easy care but quality fabric -- I machine wash everything and hang dry
- easy to layer over
- a curved V or scoop neck, nothing too high or too wide
- a little bit of length, but not too long -- a high-low hem or vented sides would be nice
- colors like teal, cobalt blue, burgundy, forest green, plum

I realize this is really basic, and I was going to start poking around online, but I thought I'd check here first and see if you all have any recommendations. Thanks in advance!