I was looking for another pair of cropped non-premim jeans because I seem to be bottlenecking in the laundry with my blue pairs. (I passed on quite a few pairs of blue jeans this year - hence I am short).

Well. I had five minutes to try on jeans before I had to head back home and decided to give Gap's Girlfriends a whirl. I tried them on 2 sizes down and in a petite and love the way they fit in that size. They do not fit in the way the model is wearing the jeans at all. They are tight, but not body con, low in the rise, wider on the calf, and several inches above my ankle without the roll, in the adjusted size. I wore them right away that evening for dinner out with friends with high shaft booties.

It's amazing how you can manipulate the fit of an item these days - making it look just how you want it to - by adjusting the size.