So over the weekend I went to a local outdoor mall. I wanted to get the Madewell Perfect summer jeans in a size 32 or 33. I have a 31 from a couple years ago that I can technically wear but definitely not comfy and serious muffin top. They didn't have those sizes in stock.
I went to the Gap which had already started their Memorial Day sale.
I found these high rise straight leg jeans. Surprisingly for Gap I had to go to a 33, because generally they run large. The denim definitely feels thick and substantial, like old school stuff. However, the fit is definitely Manrepelling, probably borderline unflattering. More like a vintage store look. But they were $20 with an extra bit off, making them $17, final sale. I think I can make them work with the right top and shoes; thinking of making a tall cuff or just rolling the cuff, if I do full length, then a small heel. If you're interested definitely try them on in store, plus it's way cheaper. After looking at the reviews, many said they ran small, and the overall the reviews are mixed.
But here's the absolute recommendation, the linen tees. I got them in store for $10, WAY cheaper than online. The linen is not scratchy, and pretty soft, which was very nice, considering I find most linen tees are on the rough side. It is semi-sheer. I got the lilac and white in a large, which fit with a nice bit of drape. I actually might wear the white with a black bra for intentional show through. They also had black and navy. I though about the black, but was worried about fading.
I might still look for the Madewell jeans, because the wash is so great.

ETA: I might go to the Gap downtown and see if the cropped light wash is similarly priced.