What noise does a lemming make? "Click."

Gap fits me well and I already know I can change the look by changing sizes. So I just followed you all off the cliff and ordered three sizes in two washes. Maybe, just maybe, I can be through with shopping until March!!

HAH, Cerinda.

Viv, I vote cropped.

Diana, I'll keep you posted on the rise length.

Anne ...I know what you mean about looser pants. I used to wear skinny jeans and Leggings then lost 18 kilos and I'm now in loose pants and joggers. I think like Angie said I got sick of the tight fit and I think fitted is more flattering.
I like those cropped gap jeans but wear a lot of sneakers and would need to wear my wedges with these maybe.

Straight hourglasses, represent!

I am super lucky because if you are wearing something that I like, Angie, I can almost guarantee it will work for me if I hem it and wear it in the right colour!

Sorry for the misunderstanding vis a vis body type. When I think or say "slim hipped", I guess I mean slim, period. I wouldn't presume to know your correct/"technical" shape I can't really pick those things out on women terribly well.

No need to apologize, Lisa! And don't sell yourself short. You correctly identify body types all the time when members ask about them. And I do know what you mean though, since I tend to fit items that don't require curves a lot better than items that do.

Suz, you crack me up. (YES. You get my body type because you have a a similar one. Easy).

Sally, high five.

I know you ladies can make this style look amazing, but like some others, I fear I would end up looking frumpy in them. I'm curious to see how you will wear them!

These remind me greatly of the Chimala raw denim I got at Inge September meetup. Those are now too small, I'm intrigued. But there's no 31's in Seattle, & I'm not sure the 30 would fit.
Can you tell I'm having trouble with my current size.

I was wondering about what denim is looking fresh, but hubs doesn't like the cropped flares look, and high rises are problematic on me. I guess I'm sticking with what I have!

I like these! I like that they are a straight cut all the way down. I tried on a different pair of Gap slim cut crop flares last spring and I looked ridiculous - like a lamppost on two pogo sticks! These might suit me much better...

Well just add me to the lemming list 'cause I just followed you and Cerinda over the cliff! Gap usually fits me very well, so we can all compare notes when they arrive.

How interesting, Angie! I would have also not been attracted to the jeans on the photo, but I am very confident they will look fantastic on you. I have hacked an old pair of Rich&Skinny straight dark jeans into a cropped pair a few months ago. They have very little stretch, and there is a bit of ease on the thigh fit, so I imagine the fit to be quite similar to your new Gaps.

It's funny--I have a thrift shop pair of Gap tall vintage straight jeans which, once I'd cut several inches off the hems, fit exactly like these! I really like the old-fashioned look of jeans like this. Nice to have the option of higher waists and looser legs again.

Love the look of these - might have to swing by the Gap in the near future!

There is so much great information here, I'm trying to absorb even just a little I think I need to do a major review of my jean collection this fall, and try on a lot of different brands, styles, fabrications, price points. I don't need to buy a lot of new pairs, but I need a conceptual overhaul.

Now that I've embraced a slimmer fit for pants in general I'll probably want to go that direction for jeans too. The fit is Sooo important! Not sure I want to go with cropped styles for the colder months, but we'll see.

I know there are a lot of great postings here about jeans, I just need to take some serious time to review them.

As I'm writing this I'm realizing how different people's interest levels are in fashion. Yesterday we spent the day with friends at their lake cottage, the woman is a very old and dear friend of mine who is totally disinterested in clothing and spends as little time and $$ as possible. She's rather be kayaking or swimming or ice skating. Not into grooming either, although presentable. I was trying to explain YLF to her and I could tell she lost interest pretty quickly.

She's a great friend but won't be helping me with my jean collection makeover any time soon....I feel very grateful to have the wonderful YLF community in my life too!

They look comfy! I am sure you will create fabulous outfits with them, I cannot wait to see them on you!
I will try not to follow you too soon as I also have more than my share of jeans and I just lucked out and found the staggered hem jeans from NAS.

Chris, I know what you mean about the jeans review and refresh. I've actually been avoiding talk of jeans because a) it will be too hot at home to think of wearing them for another two months, and b) some of the newer styles seem kinda cool to me but I already bought cropped flares that hubs does not like, so I'm a little soured on that style.

I may be in a little denim rut for a while, which is problematic because I live in jeans from October through April and into May. It's just so hard to dress my lower half that I find something that works and tend to stick with it (why I have worn out my old Paige skinnies and live in fear of the day my Lululemon moto pants bite the dust). I do like my bootcuts/flares, but then PPL becomes and issue with the varying heel heights I wear, and it IS fun to show off footwear. Maybe hubs' eye will adjust if I just wear the darn crops, but frankly, they are not the most flattering look on my body, so I do have to style them very carefully or be having a particularly good body image day to wear them, which is not as often as I would like it to be!

Jeans are almost as difficult as bras and swimsuits for me!

Popping back in to say that even though the style Angie posted would be disastrous on me, I am encouraged to see some nice mid-dark washes and no distressing. I'm quite tired of the glut of destroyed denim.

Janet I'm with you...the styles Angie is showing here, that look so fab on her and others, would be disastrous on me too. I'm also a lot like you in that I tend to stick with what works. I have 2 pairs of Calvin Klein straight legs that I have worn so long that I keep expecting them to pop a hole, and not an intentionally-stylish-distressed hole either

A cropped very slim cut looks ok on me, and DH has mostly stopped the "expecting a flood?" jokes.... but add a flare to it and it is not flattering at all. I'm totally ok with this, I have a lot of other areas to experiment with

Denim rut....good one! I'm there with you and may be for a while too.

I'll join the two of you in the denim rut, if there is enough room

And Janet, I know exactly how you feel about avoiding all jeans talk lately. I was just thinking this morning how wonderful it would be to find my perfect pair - like Suz, and Vivian , and Angie , Firecracker , alaskagirl and Coco lion (among many others here) have done. In fact, it's my goal for the upcoming fall season to pull together a collection of "perfect pieces". One of everything (not just jeans) that is THE one. I too live in jeans from October to April, but also don't get very experimental. I revert back to skinnies that I can wear with something disguising my midsection, and as long as the legs fit and look good, I'm satisfied. But that's not wearing a pair of jeans, that's wearing two tubes of denim that show from upper mid -thigh to ankle. UGH. I can only imagine how great it would be to be able to try on a bunch of different brands, styles and sizes. The high-waisted straight leg that this is doesn't interest me aesthetically, but there are a lot of other new looks around out there . I need to get on this.

I need to join your group Lisa Janet and Chris. I am in a denim rut and not sure about branching into newer styles. I love flares but I don't like fitted denim in summer and it is too soggy here in winter; I have considered white denim but dislike the pairs I have tried on, and the variety is not available here.

I look forward to seeing these jeans styled- I envisage cognac fitted ankle boots and a cropped sweater.

Hi Ya'll, another lemming here! Except rather than order I ran right out to my local Gap and tried them. I almost bought them. I liked them alot except the side seam on one of the legs really twisted around the lower leg (in a defective kind of way). That bothered me a bit. Although I'm sure no one would ever notice I just thought I'd rather wait and see what other jean options become available as the season moves along.

Fyi, I sized down . . . I normally take a 26 or 27 and the 25 fit! I really liked the looseness on the legs though -- I'm tired of jeans sticking to my thighs and/or calves (unless they are skinnys and even with them, I don't want them too constricting). I'm anxious to see what Angie thinks of them . . .

Destri - I don't know if you noticed this in the store, but the jeans have a tag on them that states that the jeans will indeed twist at the side seam after washing "as old vintage jeans would" (I'm paraphrasing that, but that was the message).

No, thanks, Lisap, I missed that! Ha, I am really thinking I may run back out and get them . . . especially after you say this. I will say, though, that it was only a seam on *one* leg that did it (maybe it's supposed to be that way?). Regardless, they hung very nice, kind of in a way that makes you look bow-legged (which I don't think is a bad thing!). I'm anxious to see what others think of them.

Have a feeling this shape will look killer on you, Angie. Pocket placement might make or break the deal ... the pockets look like they're placed a little too straight-up-and-down in the pics?? Riveting rear view or no? Only way to know is to try!

I like the looks of these jeans. I also like high rise jeans. I may check out The Gap next week when I am in Burlington. Also James Perse (Yeah!) for the Blazer (Yeah!).

OK so I just was checking Gap online and they had a 40% special for 24 hours so I pulled the trigger . . . in case anyone else is interested . . .