Hey - I became quite excited reading about Angie's new g-star jeans. I'd thought I should try some, as an experiment. Could you help me decide on what to get? I guess what I'm looking for is pants that are:

- roomy in the seat and leg
- one dressy
- one casual
- not overwhelming, which I think some of them might be!

I also need a raincoat. It doesn't need to be from g-star, obviously, but I did see the beige anorak below (see finds). It looks suitably casual, but is 100% cotton. Maybe that's ok. I do like the idea of cotton because it's more breathable but maybe it's not practical on a bike...Oh, and...

...I ordered a new bicycle. It's coming soon, and has a chain guard and fenders. I'll be cycling to the grocery store, pharmacy, SO's house -- everywhere -- from April to October. Distances are short -- within 1.5 miles -- and totally residential. To me this means I can wear regular clothing, but it needs to hide dirt and be practical.