This came up in Angie's thread but I wanted to move the conversation away. So I started a thread to share info for those who aren't aware or would like to vent.

It's clear on social media and sites like J Crew Aficionada that people who have ordered from J Crew since Black Friday week have been only slowly receiving orders. Updated shipping info also seems difficult to get. I've also heard Madewell's affected too.

I've ordered 6 items in two orders. Fortunately, the one item that arrived (the tartan shirt) is the only one I really wanted by Christmas. It's a keeper.

I'd like this sweater too, but I've read it's too thin and not well printed so it's likely going back once it arrives (on Saturday or so supposedly). I'm fortunate because it appears they just overnighted my second order to meet the arrival date they gave me of tomorrow--if it actually arrives, that is! Some people have multiple orders stuck in limbo.

The galling thing is that they keep having sales online of up to 50% off! I think they're not even trying to promise that new orders will arrive by Christmas, now. ETA: I'm not too upset about the delays on my current orders, though; as is pointed out below in the comments, problems with USPS are largely to blame and not just limited to JC/Madewell.