Fall/Winter is my low energy, but busy at work time of the year. It's always the time I don't want to make decisions, and just keep everything as simple as I can. This year it's extending into what I want to wear.

Though I'm back to office work a few days a week, many of my things feel too bright/too flamboyant/ too loud. Just wrong for this time in society and my life. I feel quiet and don't want to look loud or attract loudness in my life. I'm not wanting brights, most prints, accessories, or anything maximal. Easy on off is good- ideally no buttons, zippers, shoelaces. I'm wanting pockets (as long as they're not obvious from the outside) to minimize carrying stuff- though for work that's unavoidable.
Will write about color in another post, but thought my ideal right now would be a column of black + cognac accessories and camel topper. Or burgundy + cinnamon.

I'd also like to put my basics (except gear) on autopilot. Opaque black high neck tanks, long sleeve ts, leggings or joggers for sleep that I can buy multiples and replace year after year as needed. Consistent black and nude to me bras and knickers same. I don't want to have to start from scratch everytime my nude gets discontinued or they stop making a bra that works.

On that note, I realized some of my winter tops have much wider necklines than I'd like- necesitating a strapless bra. *facepalm* And last year I decided I didn't like how scarves felt on my neck, which was my solution before. I'm trying to get by with what I have, since I don't know what my life/body will look like- but meh.