Last of my fall winter planning posts- color! I read Zyla's book, and am working on a palette based more or less on those colors as possible.
Essence (harmonizes colors of palm)- muted salmon
Additional skin type colors- cognac and camel
Romantic (pinched fingertip)-cooler burgundy
Dramatic (veins)- teal
Energy (darkest part of iris)- forest green
Tranquil (lightest part of iris)- lighter olive
Additional eye color- cinnamon, cognac (again)
First base (dark ring around pupil)- very dark brownish olive, like the river. Hard to find, especially in formal things so using black
Second base (darkest part of hair)- dark neutral brown
Third base (lightest color in hair)- champagne beige

My brighter colors I want to use strategically going forward- for gear for visibility, festive events like weddings, and festival wear.
Not feeling at all, but still own- navy, hot pink, true purple, true red, grey, white (in accents).

Ombre top and tunic are greener IRL. Salmon top is a little lighter and more muted.
ETA- I seem to be the Spicy Autumn or maybe Bronze Autumn archetype.