Thank you for sharing this Brooklyn, you are so generous describing the analytical thinking that makes your inspirations a reality, especially when you look so effortlessly stylish in the finished result. I1 and 13 are my favorites.

It's nice that you included Anna Wintour, I'm not sure why she became such a target.

These outfits are all stunning, Brooklyn. I love your Funkytown-inspired looks! I enjoyed reading your descriptions and seeing your inspiration photos. I want to say I haven't thought of you as having a "penchant for excessive accessorizing," though; I have always been impressed with your artful use of accessories, especially bold ones like the necklace you showcase here. You have a knack for finding beautiful jewelry pieces, and choosing just the right one for an outfit (or just the right outfit for the accessory, perhaps). It's part of what I associate with your style.

This is amazing, Brooklyn. I love these posts so much and learn a lot from them.
70s is not at all my style but I love seeing these pieces and outfits on you.
The patchwork denim skirt is especially awesome!!!
I also really like seeing how you interpret your inspiration images, and how you assemble a collection of accessories from Etsy. (Actually would love to hear more about your process there, do you set a # or $ budget or...?)

Thanks Sarah! With Etsy I do set a budget on each item and because I am generally buying second hand I really don't want to spend a lot. I have occasionally got something that turned out to be in less than stellar condition (although with vintage items you do have to accept some wear and tear). I have certain favourite vintage brands that I look for, that seem to age well eg Trifari, Anne Klein, Givenchy, Sarah Coventry. I would say I have had more successes than failures. If you are interested in taking a look at my favourites on Etsy I go under the moniker "brooklynboho" (of course!) Some of the things I have as favourites are there for inspiration only. I am unlikely to spend big $$$ on an antique gold necklace, for example, but I have some as favourites because I like the look of them

Thanks FC! That it so kind. I guess I think of myself as pretty maximal in the jewellery department, compared to most people here. I am a devotee of chunky jewellery too. Fine jewellery is pretty much wasted on me. Which is probably a relief for my husband

Thanks Isabel. Your comments are always very kind and considered.

Catherine and Adriana, that's really nice! Thank you.

And thank you Joy, Taylor, Bonnie, Kellygirl, Madeline, Janet, nemosmom, Sara, JAileen, lyn, Kathie, lisa and Aquamarine. Much appreciated!

Runway to realway Love it!

You look fab!
You might try 1 with a darker or lighter jacket to break up the beige on top.
I love the green and burgundy colour schemes on you!

Thanks Smittie! It’s been a bit too warm for jackets but I will try it out with my ivory moto soon. I will wear the skirt with boots when the weather gets cooler.

Brooklyn, I can´t tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your theme posts. I love this theme - all the outfits are simply gorgeous. And so beautifully accessorized, as usual.
It is so interesting and inspirational to see and read about your work with the themes and building and refining your wardrobe. Especially how this helps you to make less "mistakes" and how you, instead of buying items out of boredom with existing outfits try to switch them up to fit in the various themes. What a brilliant method.
I am a restless dresser myself and I get easily bored when I repeat looks too often. The idea of creating different themes and sticking to them when shopping and putting together outfits is fantastic.

Brooklyn, thank you SO much for sharing that information about how you use Etsy. I am kind of the queen of favoriting a million things and then never buying any of them! You're giving me good inspiration to actually take action.

Small bags make you look as beautiful

Awe, thanks Angie.

Sarah, I love the idea of Etsy - supporting small businesses. And giving vintage items a new home. I sometimes buy handmade things from there too. I really encourage you to give it a go. It’s pretty low risk.

Katerina, thank you. That’s high praise coming from you. I think you achieve a lot of variety through colour mixing. I am not a great colour mixer, so this is an alternative way for me to achieve variety.

Such a cool theme, I love it.

As for your outfits, they are all amazing and so very you. I love how you get so much variety within your themes. Your styling is cohesive, but not contrived or restrictive. I am envious of those EF sandals which look so stylish and comfortable - a hard double act.

As for dark teal and your new bag....well I hope to see lots of photos of you using that gorgeous bag because it is amazing and so perfect for you. Happy birthday!