I love colour and light and movement. My wardrobe finally reflects that, again. Pink and orange and saffron.
Unfortunately, as an old couple in all meanings of the word, we are attending a lot of funerals or celebrations. The dress code is all over the place, if even stated. I have another coming up this weekend.
I old-ed and fat-ed out of ALL my work or formal clothing from pre-pandemic life. You know, the waist goes, the feet wont even look at heels, and I hate black, apparently.
I need a capsule that covers winter and summer attendance of strict formal funerals to “please wear colour” outdoor, hippie songwriter celebrations. Items that will hold up for a few years, and address all the surprise occasions, with appropriate fixin’s.
So, navy it is. I ordered this Airism dress from Uniqlo for the weekend event…


I figure this can go under a topper for indoor, can manage the 90 degree heat of outdoor venues, and hope the fabric shows up (on Friday) as substantial enough to layer over warm tissue turtleneck and tights for colder seasons.
I have black flat lace up shoes for formal. And dressy red sandals, for the colourful celebrations.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a topper that is not a blazer, has a bit of swoosh or volume, and is navy or a print that works with it?
Sleeves or 3/4 sleeves ideal. Short or longer?
How do you guys manage these occasions?