Hi friends, inspired by Nemosmom's incredible Finds organization, I'm determined to document my wardrobe, one category at a time. The biggest category I own is definitely sweaters (bigger than I though, as it turns out - I was a bit shocked by the final number of 27!).


These pieces are all in good repair and sufficiently up to date. The majority of them are good from fall right through the spring, with about 6 of them being 'transitional' sweaters I only wear in late spring/early fall. Still, 21 sweaters seems like more than I'll wear; being a creature of habit I think a two-week supply is plenty. On super-cold days I also bust out my warm hoodies, etc. which I haven't counted here as they are 'gear' in my mind.

So, from this I can say:

  • probably need to move towards a 'one in one out' strategy for sweaters as I buy additional pieces (which I really don't need to do soon!)
  • if I put something on and it doesn't feel good (more than once, let's say - allowing for off days!), I can probably pass items along while they are still in good shape and current for someone else to use. The Uniqlo white turtleneck is currently next on the chopping block - I'm glad I tried it and WANT to like it, but I'm still not feeling it and think a darker colour would have been a better choice for this piece.
  • there is a lot of repetition in this collection, which is fine, but I think I can stay open to different-looking pieces, particularly varied neutrals and deep tones in different styles, textures or patterns might be good to consider going forward.
So Phase 1 is complete - next to be tackled - pants - a much smaller job! I'll try to get to it later in the week.

PS - Not all the pieces shown in the collection are the exact ones - I've tried to get as representative as possible. I'll improve the accuracy as I add new items