I found some items I liked in the last J Crew catalog so I decided to try them out. The sizing was wonky, very wonky. (I have tried these items for sizes so I know)

The boucle jacket worked best in size 6, although the size 4 may be okay it's possibly short in the arms, the skirt in size 4.
The fluted skirt worked best in size 2. (Really, size 2. I needed to double check that because I have never taken a 2 before and I have not lost any weight.)

The silk camisole worked best in an extra small. (Help)!
The Linen dress worked in a size 4 and it has sleeves but the jacket above was better in a 6, maybe because the sleeves are longer???

The cardigan works best in a size medium. The small fits also, but the sleeves are too short in the small. I used to take a size small in the exact same cardigan. In fact, I have one in regular rotation in my closet. What's up here?

So confusing.

By the way, I really like the way the white denim dress looks. I think it's great for a rectangle shaped person. The boucle is very nice. Very very nice. I will post some pics eventually. Maybe...

Is anyone else finding this kind of size inconsistency within a store/brand?
It's very frustrating!