Gorgeous. Love the jacket scarf combo. I always love seeing your McQueen, but I would never have guessed how well they would work together. Keep pushing the envelope!

I had thought of leopard, snake, or dark floral of some sort-mainly as it gets towards spring (eventually....). By April, at least I start wanting to wear anything but black shoes, even though its still cold!

What a fun jacket and the pattern mix is fantastic! I think it works because they are in scale. Graveyard chic! Which is even funnier when you consider you're working in a health-related establishment. Way to subvert the rules!

It's funny how those inexpensive pieces sometimes launch a whole new direction. If you can do this at work, who knows what else you'll get away with?!

The EF shell is fabulous -- I knew it would be a super essential for you. I would like to find one in (ahem) navy. Despite my moratorium.

I'm enjoying the rebel in you-ha! The jacket was a great find (I agree on not matching in back, but as someone previously stated, being that it's florals it may not be so bad). It's true that sometimes it's almost impossible to tell between high and low *except* for the price tag. I have three of the EF shells, two of them are stretchy, cami ones. I agree they are workhorses. Thanks for the scarf print mix inspiration. I have that scarf in a different color-way and haven't thought to do that.

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I can see why you got so many compliments, it's a fun, unique, and beautiful outfit.

I love the colors in that jacket...you're definitely pushing the limits of "all black" though. I can see why it garnered so many compliments!

Love the pattern mix, and jacket seems like a fabulous find. But if you are getting away with this combination it means that so many other options are also possible that are not all black.

Brilliant! Now I have to go checkout all the teen stores...

KILLER jacket and scarf pattern mix, Lisa. And good job pushing the all-black dress code! Glad the EF shell worked out too.

You were made to wear those earth tones. I LOVE them with your complexion and blonde hair. It looks sooo flattering and ALIVE. I'm not the only one who thinks so - clearly Lovely to receive compliments. Rock on.

The jacket is GORGEOUS with your beatiful colouring. Hope that black with elements of earth tones is allowed at your work, or at least will be tolerated. Requiring all black outfits sounds rather rigid to me, especially as many (most?) people really needs to soften the black near their faces if they don't want to look like coming straight from a traditional funeral.

Thank you so much ! On my iPad at work so typing is sketchy at best :). Vivian - I have 2 pair of On the Fly pants : both black , one wide leg and one cropped regular leg . I’m wearing the wide leg ones right now - will try to take a pic . The crops are harder to Jazz up so I cuff them a bit and wear them with a sweater and sneakers .

I’m motivated by all of your kind remarks about the earthier colours working so well . I’ll to look out for more of it . I do love working with those makeup colours, so I guess it makes sense !

Another fan of these colors on you, Lisa. The outfit is fantastic, and I can see why you got compliments. I love the gold hoop earrings with the outfit, too. I have to say the rule-follower in me was a bit aghast when I saw this pic of your "all-black" outfit. Ha ha!!

You look fantastic - sometimes people latch onto an item when they don't know exactly what to compliment. Not to say the jacket isn't excellent. Love your hair, earrings, makeup, etc. too!

Haha - I love how mystified some of you are about my interpretation of the all-black rule. About every 2 months or so, our manager reacts to someone wearing something weird and lays down the law. She threatens to get us all uniforms, at which point I raise my hand in a meeting and shake my head at that horrible thought (zip up black cardigans, short sleeve t-shirts and random pants . I'll quit . ) I wear all black for a week or two until I can't take it anymore and start throwing in pattern . It's all good

More love for the jacket! I have a hard time figuring out what is high or low end--unless it has a visible label. Pattern mix looks terrific--you always look so put together! Love this.

What a beautiful way to skirt the rules! Your pattern mixing is brilliant.

Love it! Live black and blush.

In addition to high/ low, it’s a good example of support act+ statement. And that either one could be high or low price point- what matters is that it’s the RIGHT item. So could be spendy on a “ basic” shell if it’s exactly what works every time, even if someone else might say, you spent THAT on just a ____? and a particular blazer could be inexpensive and better- fitting than lots of more $$ ones. Or vice- versa and will be different for every person.
This is why I tried some spendy brands items to see if someone “ got me” in a really great and USEFUL way, but was strong on returning items and not going, oh, it’s designer so I ought to love it.

You look great! I am impressed that you can manage such a creative outfit from within the boundaries you've been given. Even if you have to push them a bit.

I'm glad that EF shell worked out for you. I like that it's a shorter length and may check it out myself.

The EF shell has already proven to be a workhorse. It is exactly the type of essential piece I need and want: I don't even have to think about it or look at it once it's one. And I tell you, this shorter length is like a gift from heaven. The smallest things......etc

I hear you on the shorter length. I'm so used to cheaper shells and camis whose hems roll up on me. It's probably time for me to invest in something more effortless