I came across this post

And I have to say I am quite taken with some of these looks. Nothing that new, we all know that the editor look is a thing, but I like the combination of polished and nonchalant (not to mention the grey and black) in these images. One is a jeans and pumps look and the others are wool pants, booties in the mix, which looks better to me.

I was thinking however that I often see photos of people looking glamorous in jeans and pumps, but I have a hard time bringing myself to try it. For example, I was wearing a not french fashion editor look at all today: silk front short sleeve t and boyfriend jeans. I thought about lavender snake 2 inch heel pumps that were an perfect color match for the pattern in the top but ended up with white heeled sandals instead. The pumps just seemed overdone for the jeans.

Do you do this pumps and jeans look?