Now there’s a winning formula! What a breath of fresh air you are Suz!
Those shoes are fab, and glad you have been able to make them work for you.

This is where visuals are so invaluble and am so happy you posted the second picture as well. The animal sweater is the perfect piece to make the bond between the trendy chunky black patent loafers (which I love!) and the more summery outfit itself. Otherwise all your pieces look impecable and crisp so think that's adding up to project energy, approachability and more fabness, of course!!!

You look fresh, chic, and fab in white and blue stripes, so why change such a perfect formula :)? I love the loafers--yay for no blisters thus far! They seem like they will work really well for fall too.

I think this is a great look! And, there is something about this look that seems very appropriate for the event you describe- polished and respectful but not too attention grabbing.