I keep going back and looking at Angie's crop jeans and noticed they're now at $32.00!!!

Love these! I might have to put in an order myself. Thanks for the detail in your post --- knowing how the fit works makes such a difference when I'm trying to decide whether to make like a lemming and become your twin!

$32??? They are still $106 on the Canadian site. It's robbery!

I just ordered three different sizes. I also ended up getting a cute sweater, a pair of black leggings, and a pair of earrings for 145.00. Not bad since 64.00 + tax is going back.

I would give them a call because I noticed they do price adjustments. Even if they just give a store credit, it would be nice.

The leggings were 15.95 (final sale), the sweater was 12.00 (it's longer than it looks; it's tucked in in this photo. I don't have a cold shoulder sweater but I've wanted to try the look. Twelve bucks is cold shoulder sweater trying price. ), and the earrings were 12.00.

Watch out for roaming gangs of spaghetti sauce and beetroot !

Thanks very much, ladies. The jeans are being altered right now.

my super power is in good knick. No perilous beetroot spills to worry about.

Suz, I KNOW. We are soooo lucky with shopping in the US. Thanks for the extra jeans suggestions. I will order them to see what they're like, and report back.

Jeanne and Beth Ann, AT service is great, and returns are harmlousy easy within the time frame. TRY the jeans.

Suzanimal, great stash at bargain prices. I'm not concerned about the $15 price adjustment, but thanks for thinking of me.

Thank you, Angie!!
I am curvier and have that problem even on low/mid rises, unfortunately. Thank you for sharing how this was done on your fab new white jeans!

I was guessing you'd carry a can of anti-stain spray ( that also doubles as shark and charity mugger repellant ) in your Fab Woman utility belt, Angie

Thank you! They are even more on sale, now, and they had my size. Fingers crossed this true wardrobe need gets filled.

PSA for the curvier ladies out there. I can never find white denim because I feel like my cellulite grins through. I recall seeing that others on here feel similarly. (That said, I don’t generally turn to premium brands, so take that assessment with a grain of salt.) I tried the Ann Taylor white jeans in a different cut and style than Angie, and they are hands down the best I’ve ever tried.

WOOOHOO, Christina. Thank you. Looks like AT might get the White Jeans Award this year.

Lili, glad it makes sense. REALLY worth the alterations.

I may post separately; I have some pictures and I did buy them, but my feelings about whether to keep them are complicated for various reasons. I knew I had to snap up my size now,

Christina, start that thread when you have a moment.

Angie, that is so sweet of you - - thank you!

I might order the AT jeans anyway to try as well...debating....

Angie- those jeans may as well have been custom-made for you. Wow! Enjoy them.

Huzzah! And a big cheer for lovely Inge and her keen eyes, too. I remain delighted that high rises are returning...

Hallelujah, and it looks soo good on you! I wish me a new pair of white jeans, too! I just don't understand why it looks longer on the model almost to the ankle when I always assumed models are tallest people in the world, are you taller Angie than that? Silly question, but so missleading:-crpped but with such a model you never know how cropped they are...:-(

Oh--my Ann Taylor white jeans look almost exactly like these, minus the frayed hems (though the fraying is so appealing, I may be tempted to fray mine, too. Just bought a darling Chanel-style white denim jacket with frayed edges from Polo RL.) The AT jeans are soo comfortable and classic. I'm glad you found them.