Ha! That’s good because Opal has really big ears. All the better to hear with.
Sam is a doll.

I actually tried these on yesterday. They didn’t have the size I need but i think I am gong to order them. Thank you Angie for sharing these with us. Give Sam a kiss for me.

Jlpp, I wish Opal and Sam - who also has gigantic eras - could play.

Yay, Debbie. My white jeans twin.

Super on you! I’ve never tried AT denim. I will have to remedy that.

Aww Opal and I would love for them to be able to have a play date!
She’s bigger than Sam but very gentle!
She’s 8 months and 1 week old. If y’all ever road trip to Georgia, it’s a date!

OOOH. Opal is a sweetie-pie. Still a puppy. Just look at those statement ears. AMAZING. Sam's aren't quite as long...

Opal says Sam’s ears are wicked adorable and I whole heartedly agree! She thinks they’d make a great crime fighting team with their prize ears. I think they’d make a great duo to distract people so we could nab all the fashion goodies.

Gorgeous jeans. How is the calf width? I am always looking for 15” at 18” below the crotch in small sizes. Now that I have the Kut flares, I need an everyday white pair!

jlpp, BatSam and SuperSam are in.

karen13, they measure 13.5 inches around the calf and hem on a size US0.

Those are nice and look fab with your mules.

Oh, I love these! Such a perfect fit!

These white jeans are fab on you, but it is hard to look past your adorable photo bomber.

Once again your patience pays off. These are lovely on you.

Beautiful Angie, as I said when you stop watching they would came and really came. I happy you found the right pair.

Great jeans, Angie. I love the blouse.

These pants look amazing on you! You mentioned having them tailored on the back waist due to your sway back and the high rise. Would you mind sharing how was this alteration made? On the centre back seam, on the side seams or by placing darts on each back side? My past experience with this alteration is that it doesn't look very nice... I also have a round bottom and narrow waist and actually pass onto jeans that don't fit me well on the back waist. I have however been having a VERY hard time finding jeans that fit me well (they need to be some sort of "curvy fit"). I would appreciate your input. Thanks!

Oh you are so welcome, Angie! I’m so glad we found you these. The fit is great, fabric sounds fab, and they look amazing on!! Hurrah!

Linder51, Vildy, Suz, Scarlet, deb, Toban - You are so sweet, thank you for the kind words!!

Inge strikes again with her amazing fashion sleuthing abilities! They are perfect on you! I ordered them in two sizes, in petite. As rises are getting higher, I've been buying petite jeans - something I never did in the low-rise era, but thank goodness for all the sizing options now. And my trusty fabric scissors stand at the ready to hack off the hem even further, if need be.

Fabulous! Love the top you've paired them with too. Loving these shopping posts from you Angie; I'm learning a lot from them!

AT's been on a roll lately.....i think they've finally found that sweet spot in the retail environment...
FAB find!

Perfect on you! Well done, Inge!

I love those jeans and they're a great length on you. I just might need another pair of white jeans.

Thanks, ladies. You’re such nice cheerleaders.

Lili, I don’t wear curvy fits since those are too roomy on the bottom and thighs. With the HIGH rise on jeans and pants these days, the waistband pulls aways a little at the back (not a lot, but enough for them to side down). I don’t have this fit challenge with mid and low rises since they sit lower on my back. They take the waistband in at the BACK seam most of the time, removing and reattaching belt loops. With trousers, they sometimes take the waist in at the side seams. It’s a very basic alteration that my dry cleaners does. WELL worth it to achieve perfect fit.

Inge, ((((HUGS))). Adore you.

Laura, soon we will be jeans twins too. Wooohooo.

kkards, you’re dead right about AT.

What a score, Angie! Inge is a fantastic personal shopper! I.Want.Those.Jeans!!

Oh my goodness, "statement ears!" I love it!

They look perfect! They look great with your new shoes, too.

Wow. I’m impressed with AT.

Angie, duplicate if you can!

Yet, if you want to investigate another option, these just showed up on Nordstrom now and they seem similar but higher rise to the ones I have and love. They call them a skinny leg, but the sure don't look it, and although on the model you'd never know it, they say a 10" rise. Plus, 98% cotton.

And, another pair...

They look perfect on you. PPP for the win!

Goodness they need to put your photo on the website. The one they are using would never sell me on these jeans, but you have. I'm going to give them a try. I stopped shopping at AT years ago because they had horrible customer service. They made one feel a criminal if you ever returned anything (asking for license and such). Have they changed or was it just my store at that time?