Well, Angie is right about just about everything. I've not been a fan of pink in a long time, except for a very limited number of pieces, it's a pink that skews a little toward peach. I've not been very enticed by all the very cool blush colors this spring either. However, I DO believe in Angie's mantra of  "never say never" and I found a sweater that is definitely pink, but the right "warm" pink for me.

This sweater just jumped out at me on two LOFT visits recently and I finally decided to try it on. Wow I really love it! Casual enough for my lifestyle but a bit polished with lots of styling possibilities. The color is called "pink grapefruit". The regular sizes were too long so I ordered a couple of petite sizes.

The first one has arrived, looks great, and with a very quick stroll through my closet I found a LOT of things that work with it, including some "terra cotta"  cropped jeans I bought at the end of last summer but didn't end up wearing much. Outfit creation will be fun! I threw together some finds below, plus regular denim jeans will work too.

The one thing I seem to be missing is some everyday shoes (loafers, slip on sneakers, booties) in a bone/toffee color. I do NOT like my plethora of cognac footwear/bags with this sweater, it seems to need cooler neutrals. I'm still not a fan of white shoes, but yes to bone, cream, toffee.... What color footwear would you pair with it?

As soon as the other size arrives so I can confirm the size, I'll post some photos.