I there, sorry to post an "ad" and then run - I've been struggling to find time at the computer lately! But I wanted to share a great experience with a color analyst I just had, as I know there are many interested in color analysis.

Her name is Carol Brailey and she is based in Toronto, but also has an online service, which is what I used since I find it tricky to get into the city. Her website is here: http://carolbrailey.com/ and she also blogs on the Huffington Post. I found her by way of a Reddit post - totally random, but since she was so reasonable and had such a good review, I thought I'd give her a shot.

She analyzed me as a Dark Winter, which is so different from what I've heard from other analysts, but it really made so much sense to me. She walked me through her analysis step by step by way of a Skype call so I feel like I really understand the logic and (hopefully!) will not question myself as much on color. She also advised me on how to manage my hair color now that it is starting to gray, which was really good, and recommended a few colors she thought would be most flattering. She was super-warm and friendly, and very professional. She is also based in Yorkville, which has a reputation for being quite high-end and stylish, which is sort of a superficial way of evaluating someone, but it did give me confidence.

The cost of the analysis via photos plus 1/2 hour on Skype was I think $65 Canadian and worth every penny. The instructions on what she needed from the photos was really clear and she also says that if she gets the photos and feels she cannot give you a good analysis, she will refund you (I think - double-check this if you are worried). She did not hard-sell me on additional items such as swatch books. Anyways, who better to share this with then you Fabbers ... if anyone chooses to use her services, I hope you have as good an experience as I did!

I am in no way affiliated with her but just wanted to pump up another Toronto girl that did a great job