I will try when the weather cools off again. It was back in the mid 80s today! And I wore hiking gear all day long because, well, hiking was what I did most of the day. Tomorrow will be warm too. Maybe later this week.

I don't consider these outfits maximal by my own standards but I think they meet the definition for most people on the forum:

Friday I wore: bright canvas jacket, patterned dress, tiger's eye pendant necklace, faux leather leggings with a metallic sheen, burgundy shoes with studs and buckles, and a colorblock bag. Whew, when I list it that way it sounds quite maximal!

Today I wore: a patterned tunic, cropped flares, and studded flats, with my red corset trench as a topper. I do not consider this maximal by my standards, but that may make me fit in better this season than I have in the past

Here's 2 maximal outfits for you, Angie.

The first, in the photo, was worn to the recent Early Music concert (where I fell for the red shoelaces). I wore a long ditzy-print buttonfront dress with red flowers on a black ground, unbuttoned over a red ruffled skirt, and held together with a corset belt. Finished with my ghillie-laced pointy flats, and red princess coat. I felt a bit OTT, but it was a rare occasion, date night AND a chance to do a theme, so I had fun with it.

I was going to post separately on what I wore today, but no pic yet. I think the story fits here. It was warm enough to show a little ankle skin one more time, so I reached for my slim cropped plaid pants. These have a navy ground, and would be preppy if the rest of the plaid was in primary colours, but instead it's some sort of tertiary thing, like someone took a colour wheel and twisted it east by north-east: teal green, pink, and a caramelly orange hue. (The last time I combined colours like this deliberately was to sing backup to "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch") Styling these pants in summer was easy peasy: add a navy or white T, or maybe a pinstripe shirt, plus loafers and done. Today, not so much. I wore a navy shirt and navy block heeled loafers, and a tobacco brown belt. Then realized my red-white-and-blue plaid pea jacket was too much clashing plaid, so chose the trench coat -- but needed a layer under it for warmth. Red, white, or cobalt cardi wouldn't work. Then I spotted the leopard cardi -- that's a neutral, right? I thought it worked. DD disagreed but she has very traditional tastes.

Pulled a bunch of old stuff out of my closet.
Newest is the Madonna concert t-shirt I saw last year today.
The striped skirt and loop yarn vest don't fit as well as they used to, but oh well.
Hard to see but I'm also wearing a Target pearl and chain necklace with silver hoop earrings.
Though comparing to today's inspiration pics, the black, red and white color scheme doesn't seem quite current.

L'Abeille, that outfit is so fun and pretty on you! Love! Your other one sounds like a big win, too.

Crazyone, I like that dress outfit, and the print tunic with the studded flats is another gorgeous one! I love the way the flats look with the pattern in the tunic.

GREAT, L'Abeille. Folksy Fabness.

THAT'S what I'm talking about, Anna. Killer. I can see the pearls. MY BEST.

Crazyone, Minimally Maximal. NICE.

What a fun thread! Challenge fully accepted. I have just posted my maximal outfit of the day separately, but adding it here, too.

On your blog I just commented that maximal isn't really my thing. But I may have accidentally put together an outfit that is a little maximal for an appointment. I mixed last year's animal print blouse, tucked, with a super old and orphaned, herringbone blazer. Then I threw in my spider brooch for fun. I was going to wear my crystal studded clutch but thought it was too much for daytime, plus I needed to carry more, so I switched to my black satchel. I think this may be my maximum maximal, there is a lot more going on here than I usually wear.

Here I am in my office today wearing a Zara top with jeans and sparkly loafers.

No encouragement needed.

A request not to be refused. I did a quick re-enactment of my holiday dinner outfit. Not sure if the texture of the spanx leggings shows up, or the dress colors, or the big floppy black bow, but I hope you get the idea!

Jaileen you are a girl after my own heart! Maximal gardening fabness! I planted tulips yesterday but in an outfit much less fab than yours. I did wear a maximal outfit later that I will post about later today.

I will try but it will be probably a little harder for me, maybe minimal maximal .

Here's today's attempt, Angie, and just for you! It's going to be over 90 again and I just can't bear to layer. So I went for as much pattern and detail as possible! Plaid skirt, blouse with ruffle sleeves and bow, striped shoes, and chunky three-strand vintage pearl necklace. Plus gray lace-knit cardigan for A/C protection and yet more pattern.

Maximal my way this morning mixing stripes and leopard. Totally in my comfort zone. Now I wish I had thought to add some bling.

I tried so hard.

I started with my gingham shirt because it's the busiest item in my closet. I added the blingy necklace and culottes to sparkle and trendy it up. Dd looked at my sideways. I said I needed a belt and she agreed. I only found the brown belt at first. Crud, now the shoes don't match. Ah ha! Maximalise with the leopard shoes. At that point dd told me I had crossed the line a while back. I took off the belt and necklace and brought out the Freebirds. Dd approved. Then my feet reminded me I have a busy day and This is not the day to break in the Freebirds although the weather allows it, so I ended up in possibly the most minimal outfit I own.

I'll try again tomorrow. Sorry, Angie.

Woohoo! Can do

(Today's outfit fits ^^)

WOW. This thread exploded in my absence. WOOOHOOO.

Tanya, I commented on your separate thread. Another K-worthy look. Love the pattern mixing.

Colette, how lovely to see you post. You look gorgeously tailored and polished. A fur baby on each side, and you are good to go.

Natalie, you nailed it. Maximalism is easy for you. Rock on.

Jaime, Killer Fab. The ‘80s hoops are my best. Digging those buff yoga arms.

Ginger, you win the 1950's award. Very fun.

AviahMaria, great pattern mixing. Leopard and stripes never let us down.

Traci, you tried and succeeded YOUR way. I like all the plaid shirt renditions. Well done.

Nice, Aida. Maximally Minimal.

Wearing today, sorry no photo. Is it too crazy to wear the pink print shoes?

Woohooo, UmmLila - I LOVE all the pink. By all means wear the pink print shoes if you think they will work with the tights.

Angie -- this is such a fun challenge thread and I am enjoying seeing all the fantastic maximal outfits. [Aaaahh, Ummlila! That dress is gorgeous! I bet it is amazing paired with the fur vest.] Almost all my outfits (outside of my PJ's) are on the maximal side... so a real challenge for me would be to go minimalist or at least tone it down a bit. I have always had trouble with Coco Chanel's advice: "Once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off." I always want to add something. Perhaps this is my year?

Yes ma'am (salute). Outfit duly posted (in separate thread).

Double stripes and double necklaces!

Posted here: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....maximalism

Maximal, top tucked, gilet unbuttoned. I changed later on during the day to the second outfit (minus the sash), but kept the maximal vibe.

I'll have to do some maximal outfits (which I love) but here is some personal maximalism ... one from last year and one from today where I decided to add some manic panic to do multi color hair

How fun, I will try!

I'm a huge fan of more is more. Since I can't post photos on here yet, I'll post a link to my most maximalist outfit (socks, heels, tiara, and faux alligator coat), which I wear a LOT! I posted it in the spring, but I can wear this nearly year round. I wore it Monday evening to a drinks party.

CocoCat, I'm a little bit in love with those sparkly sequin loafers and the Zara top!

I'm very shy but when Angie asks, who can resist? Trying to share more with a community which has given me so much.
Old BR flares
Old J crew pindot blouse ( white dots on black )
Gap soft jacket
Kenneth Cole flats
Deus Lux vegan fringe tote
Vintage pearl necklace to add a little light ( former East Coaster. Lots of black)

Hair is getting a little too maximal ! Trim next week.

The blacks of the jacket and blouse looked ok together IMO and though look different in the photo.

Worn to an informal meeting at a university.