Angie featured the Ecco 7 's today, which are sneaks that I have been trying on a few weeks ago but unfortunately, I can't manage to make them work for me, due to the toebox being somehow too flat and pinching my big toe--even sizing up. Was gnashing my teeth because I wanted the "warm gray" and also could use the other color listed as mauvey if they were perfect .
But point is, IRL, or in store indoor light at least, these skew a very pretty dusky lavender (suede leather, so not shiny) more than the pinky-mauve in the photo, if anyone is interested in trying.

Next, I did get a Frye handbag in the dusky gray-lavender called Amethyst. I got the Melissa zip crossbody, but could not get any Finds to work for that, so am just showing a random style in that color. In fact on Zappos, before I bought it, I  had to ask the SA if it were really Amethyst because their website photo of it looked black , and I also thought maybe this color was not really going to be on sale as it seemed. But so it was.
Though I needed a new handbag like a hole in the head, I haven't been using my larger shoulder bags ( I do wear this one on shoulder, not cross-body, by shortening strap) and I love this color as working across seasons, and going with lots of neutrals, from cool navy and black to warmer olives and tans and then white and oranges and corals when my summer cravings kick in. For my style I don't want a real "pop" of sweet lavender or purple, but wanted a "medium " tone that is not actually gray, and the slightly distressed leather fits more casual outfits.

Also just remembered: Athleta short in "Medieval Violet"!

Murky for the win!