I saw this scarf go by in the finds list a few days ago, and since I too am working on a small mustard yellow capsule, it caught my eye. I think Suz was the first to collect it. I was in a Loft today and brought it home. It's an oblong, the fabric is quite lightweight (poly) and does not wrinkle with the hand scrunch test. The weight is great for me now and MIGHT work for me as an outdoor scarf in the middle of my frigid winters on slightly warmer days or when I'm not going to be outdoors much. It's also a reasonable size for petite me, unlike so many scarves which are huge and overwhelm my frame.

The color is a little warmer/darker than shown in the second find. It has light to dark blues and a bit of orange that is kind of a pumpkin color. It's one of those really pretty botanical prints that Loft does so well. It is perfect with the slightly darker mustard yellow sweater I recently got at Jcrew (find #3). The mustard yellow sweater is in stores but not available on line. I also bought the sweater in the mushroom color and am showing that find so you can see the details in case you are interested.

This scarf will also work well with the many grey items in my closet, and will be great for the blue capsule I'm slowly working on. I have lots of denim but not a lot of other blue items.

I don't have time take photos today with some outfit ideas, maybe tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure it's a keeper!