Janet here is another set of reasons for passing things on. I've finished my fall edit for several categories and still have a few more to go.

The plaid coat is so cute but I never want to wear it - the faux fur hood style is one I don't want to wear until real winter but the coat is not warm enough for my winters IRL, and the black sleeves are the worst lint collectors I've ever owned.

I haven't worn the tan lined trench in about 5 years and it's only mediocre quality so buh-buy.

The cashmere sweaters (plus two more not shown here) are Charter Club from Macy's and they became a pilly shapeless mess after less than one year, yet I wore them for another season. When I got them out last week I was SO turned off. Not buying cashmere from that brand ever again. I might donate them to my cat beds, my kitties would probably LOVE them.

I like the color and print of the rust top but never really liked the tshirt like fabric or gathered sleeve cuffs so kept considering it but not wearing it.

The jeans are stretched and worn and being demoted to at-home only.

The black long sl T is cotton that has totally pilled so time to go. Easy enough to replace.

I'm tired of the "July 4th" motif tshirt after several years, will get something new for next year.

The denim jacket is going because I replaced it with one I like better and having a duplicate does nothing for me.

I liked the two knit/tweed jackets as part of my office/corporate style but find I just don't want to wear them any more and I'm tired of looking at them so off they go.

One of the things I've realized about why it's important to let stuff go is that while you still have them you are spending lots of time in tiny little chunks looking at and thinking about them. If that looking and thinking is of sentimental value (or other value) that's fine, but when it's just "old clothes you never wear" it's a WASTE of time.