Gryffin - I used to wear suits all the time for about eight years...... but I don't own one at all now.

I love them, but the expense vs wearability doesn't add up. If I worked in a professional office I would be all over them as they are in line with my style for sure.

What I found when working part time/ and had a break for having children - was that they did date - so if I didn't wear one enough it was hard to justify the cost for the sort of one that I really wanted!!

And I think (to probably quote Angie) that having current versions of our own classics is one of the keys isn't it.... I am feeling that with black ankle boots at the moment - I do have a pair - but they are not in line with my current style and I feel a bit "off'" when I wear them....

I am good with LBD's, aviators, jeans and white sneakers so that is a good start!!

I miss wearing suits. They were my absolute favourite thing to wear, back in the day, but the traditional suit has no place in my wardrobe anymore. I prefer to make a suit out of a statement jacket and a pair of pants. Skirts? What are those?

Gryffin, I'd be all over a suit if I worked in the right environment. As it is, I make my own "suit" of blazer with jeans or trousers.

I love suits. I think I owned one in the mid-1980s when I was interviewing for jobs. I wore blazers and skirts or trousers when I was working.

everyone and sorry to hijack - I don't wear a suit to work. I wear my suit for dress. Just a thought and your suit could be pastel, knit, color, pattern - to throw out a suggestion - there is nothing more elegant (if your tastes run formal and you like jackets) and versatile than a suit. Because you can change the under layer (hello lace cami) and with the right stance wear the jacket buttoned - anything from Le Smoking, to polished formal for religious or conservative event, but swank out to dinner, weddings, new year's eve, cocktail, theater, concert, funeral, date night. There is no more versatile outfit. Extra points for the skirt and dress if they make one. Break it up, doll it up. Work is the one place I usually don't wear it. But you could do same with chanel like knit suit, etc. I know I am more formal than most but just wanted to clarify my context in case you were on the work corporate track - suits can be glamorous and a wee bit sexy my VB scuba suit is and I could not happily work my closet without it. Just a thought.

gryffin, I have posted this before, but I have an older relative who wore lovely black suits to all occasions. She wore one to my wedding 30 years ago, and hers is the only outfit that does not look dated in the photos. She was a Grace Kelly look-a-like, which helped So I do agree that—done right—there is nothing more elegant than a suit.

My list:

White t-shirts, both crew and v-neck
Black cashmere and merino turtlenecks
Black cashmere and merino crewnecks
Tall black riding boots
Black booties (chelsea and others)
I do still have a workable skirted suit in my closet (I haven't worn it in years though)
Pencil skirt
Black pumps

I'm sure I've missed some!

I always admired the look of a suit, but back when I actually needed one, it was always a struggle to get the fit right. Even at my skinniest, I'm not an easy fit in things that require different sizes in top and bottom, and years back, it was hard to find suits being sold as separates.

I don't know what I would do with one now, even if there were a miraculous one that worked for me. I'd probably wear the jacket, and the bottom part would be ignored, because the bottoms were NEVER right on me!

Looking at these posts, I'm kind of overwhelmed with what you all are considering "classics." I guess we all have different lists in our heads. I'll settle for saying that the "classics" that work well for me are:
- bootcut jeans (and trousers if I were ever to find a new pair of black ones)
- basic tees and lightweight sweaters and knits in solid colors with V necklines or not-too-high crew necks
- Chelsea style boots
- military style jackets and coats
- moto jackets
- denim jackets
- oxfords
- black footwear in general
- satchel style handbags
- totes

I STILL want a really good LBD that works for a casual life.

No LBD but a LBS (little black skirt). My most often used wardrobe item hands down for years, if I would need to have a guess. Also a denim jacket. Just the perfect pairing for my skirts and dresses in spring and summer. Pearl studs - I bought a pair in Mallorca in 2012 that I've worn A LOT since then. I pair my pearls with jeans, wool pullover and sneakers...

Brilliant idea, Sal--accentuating the positive!
My list would be almost identical to yours, with a few changes:
--Little Dark Dress (often navy or burgundy, always A-line or swing-shape) to be replaced in warm weather by the Little Light Dress.
--Big cashmere pullovers in Winter, soft, loose cotton blouses in Summer
--Block-heeled ankle boots, black, navy & taupe
--RayBan Wayfarers in aluminum silver finish
--Straight-leg jeans in various washes
--Jackets that are not quite blazers: cropped, oversized, boxy or very fitted, asymmetrical, detailed with piping or otherwise made more interesting.
It's become very clear to me that I require some quirkiness in clothes. Classics, even the luxe, ladylike ones I most admire, fall a little flat on me, and I definitely feel less than fab in them. I'm beginning to see that exploring ways of achieving that quirkiness might be fun, even on a short, middle-aged body. I'm noting whenever I feel particularly at ease and attractive in what I'm wearing, whether it's fashionable or not. Being able to move freely (bend, stride, sit cross-legged on the floor) without anything binding is extremely important, so I'm working to weed inflexible clothes (however pretty) from my closet and add real clothes (not gym wear) that move.

Thanks for this very interesting and helpful thread. I am more of a classic type, so my list would be rather long....
Here is what I can think of at the moment - items I always own and rely on, love and to me are classic:
- sharp black suit (trousers and skirt)
- navy blazer
- black tuxedo blazer
- dressy trousers (black, navy, white)
- silk blouse (black, white, cream)
- classic silk scarves
- Chelsea boots (black, brown, grey)
- trench coat
- duffle coat
- black pencil skirt
- white shirt
- black leather jacket
- Swedish clogs (black patent leather)
- oxfords
- pearl earrings
- charm bracelet
- red nail polish and red lipstick

I do not own almost any dresses and not any LBD. Hm...

Interesting, I considered myself a fairly classic dresser but don’t actually own many classics as they appear on those lists... Others have been in my wardrobe at some point until I tired of them or found a (to me) more interesting variation.

I own hardly any black or white items because those colors don’t flatter me and I tend to stick to medium contrast looks. So scratch the white shirt and tee, black turtleneck and slacks. I also prefer navy or printed dresses to the lbd (though I currently do own one).

These items are classics that I have owned in several versions to this day:
- dark wash jeans
- black booties
- neutral cardigan
- black and white tees and tops, but worn only as underlayer
- black structured bag
- black pencil skirt
- denim jacket

These are classics of which I own a variation:
- button-ups: plaid shirts, silk blouses but no ‘crisp shirts’
- trenchcoat: currently a navy raincoat in trench style
- white sneakers: on trend right now, otherwise I tend to wear colored sneakers (if at all)
- cashmere sweater: I prefer less expensive and fragile fabrics and more exciting shapes than your typical v-neck
- little dresses in other colors than black
- basic grey tees
- nude booties or sandles to wear instead of pumps
- neutral (not black) blazer with interesting texture or other detailing
- black leather jacket: moto style, unsure if it will remain in my wardrobe
- teal wool coat, swing style

And these I have owned at some point but I’m not feeling them right now:
- ballet flats
- tuxedo jacket
- chambray shirt
- striped tee or sweater
- high top all stars