I bought these sandals yesterday with some trepidation - I don't usually do retro looks, and these are pretty "Carol Brady", but man are they comfortable. Crazy comfy. They are a real departure from my black/white/metallic athletic influenced footwear, and that's what drew me to them. Also, every experience I've had with Fly has been positive, even though I push back against some of the styling . So - debuting them here (inspired by today's Weekly Roundup post) with old Gap Girlfriends, a new Topshop blazer, a little inexpensive tie front blouse, and a new faux-leather cross body bag. I originally had on a pair of wide leg cropped jeans while working at my desk this morning, but with the addition of the blazer , the proportions fell apart. Still having trouble styling those jeans and might be asking for help in that department. Big- face closeup showing earrings and makeup (and holy crap do I have more sun damage that I realized.....I think the exposure on this photo is a bit off though as my eyebrows and eyemakup aren't that dark). I am currently obsessed with acrylic tortoiseshell earrings in every shape , colour and size. At the wholesale level, they have been the hottest thing of late. I find them nice and easy to wear, (lightweight) and are a great change up from the same old.

top - Everly (wholesale brand) (find is a different print but same style)
jeans - GAP
blazer - Topshop (new from Hudson Bay but couldn't find it anywhere on line)
sandals - Fly London
lipstick - Stila liner as lipstick (discontinued - ugh) topped with Stila gloss

find included for the cropped wide leg jeans from Jag .....taken off when blazer went on - lol.

Wondering if the sleeves on the blazer look too long. Didn't notice this until I looked at the pictures. Thoughts on this? Or on the styling in general?

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